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Bollywood is all the rage, and Bollywood Celebrities are taking their rightful place amongst the world's Glitterati. Ever wondered if you and a Bollywood Celebrity would get along?

What do you have in common with Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan or Vivek Oberoi? Could you ever get along with Urmila Matondkar or Jackie Shroff? Is Amrita Rao or Zayed Khan compatible with you? Do you have special chemistry with either Sushmita Sen or Akshay Kumar?

There is an easy way to find out: Compare your Biorhythms, and see what happens ...

To make this easy, I have already compiled a list of Bollywood Celebrity Birthdays along with their Actors and Actresses to save you the effort. As there are virtually thousands of Bollywood Actors and Actresses, I have tried to pick some of the more common ones, but I think if this site is popular, I will add more pages at a later date.

Please proceed to enter your birthday in the first field, then press 'Show Report' now. Your birthday will be compared to the listed Bollywood Actors and Bollywood Actresses all in one easy to view chart. This will then indicate which Bollywood Actor or Bollywood Actress you are most or least compatible with, and how. After all, just because you are not physically compatible with Rani Mukherjee or Arjun Rampal doesn't mean you two couldn't be friends. Sometimes that's the best way to be...

2Aishwarya Rai11/1/1973
3Sushmita Sen11/19/1975
4Kareena Kapoor9/21/1980
5Rani Mukherjee3/21/1978
6Amrita Rao6/17/1981
7Madhuri Dixit5/15/1967
8Bipasha Basu5/5/1979
9Urmila Matondkar2/4/1974
10Hema Malini10/16/1948
11Juhi Chawla11/13/1967
21Shahrukh Khan11/2/1965
22Salman Khan12/27/1965
23Sunil Shetty8/11/1961
24Ajay Devgan4/2/1967
25Zayed Khan4/27/1980
26Kabir Bedi1/16/1946
27Amitabh Bachchan10/11/1942
28Akshay Kumar9/9/1967
29Jackie Shroff2/1/1957
30Arjun Rampal11/26/1972
31Vivek Oberoi9/3/1976
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