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3Scarlett Johansson11/22/1984
5Hilary Duff9/28/1987
7Chloe Grace Moretz2/10/1997
9Paris Hilton2/17/1981
11Carmen Electra4/20/1972
13Pamela Anderson7/1/1967
15Jessica Simpson7/10/1980
17Drew Barrymore2/22/1975
19Jennifer Lopez7/24/1970
21Angelina Jolie6/4/1975
23Katie Holmes12/18/1978
25Cameron Diaz8/30/1972
27Catherine Zeta-Jones9/25/1969
29Courteney Cox6/15/1964
31Demi Moore11/11/1962
33Halle Berry8/14/1968
35Julia Roberts10/28/1967
37Jennifer Aniston2/11/1969
39Sandra Bullock7/26/1964
41Melissa George8/6/1976
43Aishwarya Rai11/1/1973
45Tara Reid11/8/1975
47Summer Glau7/24/1981
2Renee Zellweger4/25/1969
4Avril Lavigne9/27/1984
6Leah Remini6/15/1970
8Bai Ling10/10/1970
10Ziyi Zhang2/9/1980
12Lucy Liu12/2/1967
14Liv Tyler7/1/1977
16Faith Hill9/21/1967
18Jennifer Ehle12/29/1969
20Anne Hathaway11/12/1982
22Claire Danes4/12/1979
24Uma Thurman4/29/1970
26Alyssa Milano12/19/1972
28Christina Aguilera12/18/1980
30Gwyneth Paltrow9/28/1973
32Meg Ryan11/19/1961
34Penelope Cruz4/28/1974
36Sarah Michelle Gellar4/14/1977
38Alicia Silverstone10/4/1976
40Gillian Anderson8/9/1968
42Emma Watson4/15/1990
44Kirsten Dunst4/30/1982
46Ashley Scott7/13/1977

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