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2Johnny Depp6/9/1963
3Brad Pitt12/18/1963
4Jude Law12/29/1972
5Orlando Bloom1/13/1977
6George Clooney5/6/1961
7Antonio Banderas10/10/1960
8Russell Crowe04/07/1964
9Keanu Reeves9/2/1964
10Tom Cruise7/3/1962
11Will Smith9/25/1968
12Mel Gibson1/3/1956
13Ben Affleck8/15/1972
14Matt Damon10/08/1970
15Prince William6/21/1982
16Prince Harry9/15/1984
17Tobey Maguire6/27/1975
18Viggo Mortensen10/20/1958
19Enrique Iglesias5/8/1975
20Ricky Martin12/24/1971
21Justin Timberlake1/31/1981
22Denzel Washington12/28/1954
23Yun-Fat Chow5/18/1955
24Garth Brooks2/7/1962
25Colin Firth9/10/1960
26Elijah Wood1/28/1981
27Daniel Radcliffe7/23/1989
28David Boreanaz5/16/1969
29Ewan McGregor3/31/1971
30Samuel L. Jackson12/21/1948
31Cuba Gooding Jr.1/2/1968
32Marc Blucas1/11/1972
33Joaquin Phoenix10/28/1974
34Jim Carrey1/17/1962
35Ashton Kutcher2/7/1978
36Vin Diesel7/18/1967
37Ryan Reynolds10/23/1976
38Lenny Chesney3/26/1968

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