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Biorhythm Calculator Online Version - Small Groups or Teams

In case your computer cannot run a Windows Exe (Mac or Linux), or you choose not to do so, you can also use the Online Biorhythm Calculator to determine your Group or Team Compatibility. There are three versions. This form is for small teams of 8 or fewer persons, then there is the medium version of 9-16 individuals, as well as the large version of 17-40 people.

Small teams: Please enter your name and birthday information into the following fields, then press 'Show Report'. Dates are in the Month/Day/Year format (, i.e. mm/dd/yyyy). Names are optional, but it makes it easier to view the chart later. Your browser will open a new window to show the results in. You will see three tables filled with coloured fields. The first table has 23 columns, for the 23 days in the Physical Biorhythm, the second has 28 columns for the 28 days in the Emotional biorhythm, and the final one has 33 columns for the 33 days of the intellectual Biorhythm. The first coloured column of each table is today. The header of the table shows the date for that column.

Green are days on which your Biorhythm is positive, Blue days are on which the Biorhythm is negative, and Red are the critical days when it changes from positive to negative, the days when you are most likely to have accidents, confusion, or emotional turmoil.

When evaluating Groups and Teams for their compatibility with each other, you are looking for clusters of colours. I personally prefer to working with colours rather than percentages because they are easier to read for large groups. It is much easier to see compatibility in such a colour chart than it in numbers when comparing people to each other. At first the chart might look a bit confusing, but you quickly start to see groups of colours that are in the same place. That is where you have compatibilities.

Please proceed to enter your information, then press 'Show Report' now.


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