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Finding the birthday of your perfect date

Okay, so, you have tried to find the perfect date, and it just hasn't worked so far. I mean, how many blind dates can one person possibly go on in a week? It takes months, years, lifetimes, and most people still won't find their perfect date.

Here is something new to try: Rather than finding Mr or Ms Right, find the right date, then go and find somebody born on that date. It's much easier. Grab a yearbook, surf the internet, consult census information, work from the birthdate, then start targeted dating.

Try it!!! What's the worst that can happen? A 'not so blind date' with Mr or Ms Maybe-Right? Well, you are doing that anyway, so, increase the odds! And even if you don't succeed, at least you will find somebody who you are really, really compatible with, a soul mate. You don't get that every day.

What is the difference, you ask, between finding your perfect Date and Your perfect Mate? One is long term and one is short term. Now, your perfect mate will also be your perfect date, but not always the other way around.

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