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Instructions on downloading and using the Biorhythm Calculator Software

For my own research, I created the following program to quickly assess the compatibility of a sizable amount of people. The information about names and Birthdays is written to the Biorthym.inf file in the windows directory. At this point, no other way of editing information exists. Make sure you type in the year as a four digit year, as the program will assume 2069 if you only type 69. Have fun. Keep in mind that, also care was taken when creating the program, it is being distributes as an AS-IS product, without technical support, for your own joy and assistance, and neither myself nor NordTech Technologies Inc. are responsible for any harm or damages that are incurred by using this application. It's 'User-beware'.

Install instructions: As of yet, I have not created an install program for this program. Simply download it to a directory of your choice, and then go to that directory with Windows Explorer, create a shortcut to it and put it on your desktop.

Using the program: Start the application. You see a large window with lots of dropdown boxes. Enter a name into one of the dropdown boxes, and press Tab. Up pops a box that tells you that you have a new person, and to enter their birthday. Once the birthday is entered (with 4 digit year!!!), press Add. Next time you start the program, the person will be in the dropdown box. The second tab gives you a grid view with compatibility ratings. The third tab is a graphical representation using colour graphs. I find the third tab the most useful, but you might feel differently. Green stands for up, Blue is down, and red is critical, i.e. changing from one to the other.

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