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To further the concepts of the Biorhythms and Friendship concepts, we now move into the a closer relationship of two individuals in terms of Love and Romance, and why some people get along and others don't. Physical attraction is usually what opens the door, but what happens once you get into the room is dependent on compatibility. Physical attraction (i.e. looks) will work for the first date, but whether dating will continue depends entirely on how much these people have in common. Alternatively, if physical attraction is not part of the original intent, having spent some time with a person that is very compatible can nonetheless lead to a good long term relationship, and even Love and Romance.

Based on my own research on this topic, in order for Love and Romance to flourish in a relationship, the most important biorhythm to be compatible is the emotional cycle. To be in the same 'mood' is very important for any relationship to last. High compatibility in the physical biorhythmic cycle is no doubt a powerful ingredient, and you might have the time of your life for the first little while, but Lust alone cannot sustain a relationship. A physical cycle compatibility, which is in effect lust, only carries you so far. Eventually you need to talk. Eventually you need to feel. Eventually, you need to connect, so if there is nothing but physical compatibility, it will not last. I have observed people that have bounced from partner to partner to partner, focusing only on the physical component, and then wondering why they can never find somebody permanent, something that lasts.

Love and Romance is not the physical biorhythm, and it is not the intellectual biorhythm, although both are good to have to back up the relationship. Love and Romance is the emotional cycle. Over time, an emotional mismatch will always manifest itself in the same way: "You never want to have fun." But this is not the case. They just don't want to have fun when you want to have fun, and they don't want to be down and depressed when you what to be down and depressed. There is no perfect shoe and there is no perfect foot, there is only a perfect shoe for a certain foot. So if the slipper doesn't fit, chances are this is not your Cinderella, or Prince Charming.

So, as an exercise to more successful dating and more love and romance, download the Biorhytm calculator, and start scanning people for whether your biorhythms are compatible, and more importantly, which ones. Live is too short to keep dating the wrong type of person.

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