About O4B

Open4Business (O4B) is a multi-tier application framework created to easily enable the interactive web-enabling of corporate class applications hosted on anything from a PC to a mainframe.

Building a multi-tier distributed application using the O4B technology that talks to a variety of systems is simple because O4B was designed with connectivity in mind. The technology consists of multiple modules, each of which can be modified or replaced to fit a specific business need. All common modules talk XML to each other, but modules can talk any other kind of protocol with the outside world. The central node of all the modules is the Application Server. There is a module that facilitates HTML communication. There is a module that communicates with an SMTP server. There is a security module, a general Data Server module, a Business Rule engine, and very specialized modules like the IntelliQuest Survey Engine used to provide online questionnaires. All these modules communicate via a conduit mechanism called JConduit, also written by us.

The O4B framework is field programmable using our unique TreeTalk XML manipulation language, and a variety of business rules and other scripts. The framework is portable across a number of computer platforms and infrastructures including most flavors of Unix, Linux and Windows. It has been used to implement a number of applications, including the Garment Exchange and the IntelliQuest Survey Engine.

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