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How to install and use your Mortgage calculator

Before we start, there are a few items:
a: This program only works under Windows XP. It does not work in Windows 98 or Windows ME.
b: This program is copyright by NordTech Technologies Inc., of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is not shareware or freeware. You may use it for either personal or professional purposes, but you may not share it. Should you wish to have other people use it, they will need to download their own version.
c: The program is as-is, with no support, and neither myself or NordTech offer support
The program is very simple to install. There is the self extracting mortgage.exe zip file that contains four files. Download and store the file on your desktop, then execute it. You will get a new folder called Mortgage. Inside this folder, you find the file MortgageCalc.exe (it might show up as MortgageCalc). Simply execute this file.

I recorded a couple of instructional videos and uploaded them to YouTube.
How to use the Mortgage and Loan Calculator
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